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BigDisHipHop (7:53:03 PM): basically
BigDisHipHop (7:53:09 PM): its about an Asian Basketball player
D Flan is God (7:53:13 PM): lol how bout in all of swytch's parts
BigDisHipHop (7:53:14 PM): who can beat the black guys
BigDisHipHop (7:53:15 PM): its called
BigDisHipHop (7:53:17 PM): Yang Time
PDTantisocial (7:53:18 PM): / / / / / / /
SeaTownIllin (7:53:23 PM): LMAO
MCHeadcase (7:53:23 PM): lol damn
D Flan is God (7:53:23 PM): you use samples from kung fu flicks
D Flan is God (7:53:26 PM): and ROFL
BigDisHipHop (7:53:28 PM): doggie
D Flan is God (7:53:29 PM): yang time
BigDisHipHop (7:53:30 PM): Swytch
BigDisHipHop (7:53:33 PM): im writin ya whole album for you
D Flan is God (7:53:34 PM): swytch
SeaTownIllin (7:53:36 PM): WOW
D Flan is God (7:53:37 PM): make a song called
BigDisHipHop (7:53:38 PM): i got 3 conceptual ideas
BigDisHipHop (7:53:43 PM): and good ones
D Flan is God (7:53:43 PM): "that's how i beat yao"
cmasterclay111 (7:53:50 PM): LMAO
PDTantisocial (7:53:54 PM): "I Think I Can Beat Yao"
SeaTownIllin (7:53:55 PM): "Thats how i beat Yao" LMAO!!
BigDisHipHop (7:53:56 PM): doggie
BigDisHipHop (7:53:57 PM): so we got
BigDisHipHop (7:53:59 PM): Gang Us Con
D Flan is God (7:54:02 PM): / /
BigDisHipHop (7:54:06 PM): Hung Jury
MaratGotRhymes (7:54:06 PM): Hung Jury
MaratGotRhymes (7:54:09 PM): / /////
BigDisHipHop (7:54:11 PM): and Yang Time
BigDisHipHop (7:54:12 PM): classics
D Flan is God (7:54:12 PM): ROFL
SeaTownIllin (7:54:12 PM): Hung Jury kills me
MaratGotRhymes (7:54:13 PM): the classic
BigDisHipHop (7:54:16 PM): doggie, Classics
MCHeadcase (7:54:26 PM): "Hung Jury" and "Gang Us Con"?
D Flan is God (7:54:31 PM): call the album
cmasterclay111 (7:54:33 PM): LMAO at Gang us con
BigDisHipHop (7:54:33 PM): songs for Swytch
PDTantisocial (7:54:34 PM): Gang Us Con / / / / /
D Flan is God (7:54:34 PM): china diner
MaratGotRhymes (7:54:40 PM): Tonedeff's verse on "616 Rewind" is proof of the Lord's existance
D Flan is God (7:54:41 PM): like that fuckin akinyele album
D Flan is God (7:54:44 PM): vagina diner
D Flan is God (7:54:48 PM): da china diner
BigDisHipHop (7:54:53 PM): Strictly 4 My S.L.A.N.T.S.
SeaTownIllin (7:54:54 PM): LOL
D Flan is God (7:54:56 PM): ROFL
PDTantisocial (7:54:57 PM): ROFL!!!!
MCHeadcase (7:54:59 PM): Damn, lol
cmasterclay111 (7:55:00 PM): XD
BigDisHipHop (7:55:05 PM): lol nah
BigDisHipHop (7:55:09 PM): im not makin asian jokes
BigDisHipHop (7:55:11 PM): these are legit ideas
BigDisHipHop (7:55:14 PM): that would make the album classic
BigDisHipHop (7:55:19 PM): no other album out there sounds liek that
BigDisHipHop (7:55:20 PM): NONE
BigDisHipHop (7:55:21 PM): NAME ONE
D Flan is God (7:55:24 PM): doggie
BigDisHipHop (7:55:28 PM): 4 classics
BigDisHipHop (7:55:34 PM): throw Hari Kari  in there
D Flan is God (7:55:40 PM): what's an asian last name that ends with -ill or -il or somethin?
D Flan is God (7:55:46 PM): think of somethin
BigDisHipHop (7:55:49 PM): no idea
BigDisHipHop (7:55:51 PM): lol
D Flan is God (7:56:00 PM): call the album _____matic
MCHeadcase (7:56:04 PM): Shit, send some conceptual ideas my way ir you can ... I ain't done shit with my music lately
BigDisHipHop (7:56:05 PM): Chinmatic
D Flan is God (7:56:07 PM): lol
D Flan is God (7:56:10 PM): fuckin
BigDisHipHop (7:56:12 PM): i cant Headcase
BigDisHipHop (7:56:13 PM): ure not asian
D Flan is God (7:56:18 PM): straight outta saigon
BigDisHipHop (7:56:19 PM): these only work if youre asian
MCHeadcase (7:56:24 PM): right
MaratGotRhymes (7:56:32 PM): hey
MaratGotRhymes (7:56:34 PM): Dave
MCHeadcase (7:56:36 PM): Well what are the other two? Explain 'em to me
BigDisHipHop (7:56:37 PM): Only Built 4 Tiny Women
MaratGotRhymes (7:56:37 PM): Kim Jong Illmatic
BigDisHipHop (7:56:38 PM): lol nah
MaratGotRhymes (7:56:39 PM): how about taht
D Flan is God (7:56:44 PM): efil4zepols
BigDisHipHop (7:56:45 PM): well Headcase
D Flan is God (7:56:46 PM): LOL
BigDisHipHop (7:56:49 PM): this is why its classic
BigDisHipHop (7:56:50 PM): Hung Jury
BigDisHipHop (7:56:52 PM): basically
PDTantisocial (7:56:53 PM): CHRIST!
BigDisHipHop (7:56:58 PM): black people but Swytch on Trial
BigDisHipHop (7:57:02 PM): put*
SeaTownIllin (7:57:04 PM): ROFLMAO
BigDisHipHop (7:57:05 PM): because hes acting black
BigDisHipHop (7:57:07 PM): and he explains his blackness
BigDisHipHop (7:57:09 PM): Hung Jury
BigDisHipHop (7:57:10 PM): oops no
D Flan is God (7:57:11 PM): let's fuckin do what we did when we made homo song titles
D Flan is God (7:57:14 PM): and take classic albums
D Flan is God (7:57:16 PM): and songs
D Flan is God (7:57:22 PM): and make them asianized
D Flan is God (7:57:35 PM): dairy opelation
BigDisHipHop (7:57:36 PM): i did it backward.... Asian People claim Swytch is too black, and Swytch tries to convince them hes not, we could all have parts in it... like different roles
BigDisHipHop (7:57:40 PM): i wanna be the Judge
MaratGotRhymes (7:57:54 PM): "Shorty Hold My Rice"
SeaTownIllin (7:57:58 PM): LMAO
D Flan is God (7:58:00 PM): / /
BigDisHipHop (7:58:03 PM): see yta'll make jokes but
MCHeadcase (7:58:05 PM): Intresting concept
BigDisHipHop (7:58:08 PM): i really really want Swytch to do this
BigDisHipHop (7:58:09 PM): the other one
BigDisHipHop (7:58:11 PM): is Gang Us Con
MaratGotRhymes (7:58:14 PM): It Takes a Nation of Billions to Hold Us Back
MaratGotRhymes (7:58:15 PM): lol nah
BigDisHipHop (7:58:16 PM): Chinese Metaphors to Gangster Rap
PDTantisocial (7:58:17 PM): Enta Da Nang
D Flan is God (7:58:17 PM): LOL
MaratGotRhymes (7:58:20 PM): Fear of a Yellow Planet
BigDisHipHop (7:58:22 PM): Gang Us Con
D Flan is God (7:58:22 PM): / /
PDTantisocial (7:58:23 PM): ROFL!!!!!
MaratGotRhymes (7:58:23 PM): these are lame ones
MaratGotRhymes (7:58:25 PM): DA NANG
BigDisHipHop (7:58:27 PM): like Genghis Khan
MaratGotRhymes (7:58:27 PM): / ////////////////////////////
BigDisHipHop (7:58:30 PM): yeah, that is lame
PDTantisocial (7:58:42 PM): Soul on Rice
D Flan is God (7:58:46 PM): ...
MaratGotRhymes (7:58:46 PM): ROFL
D Flan is God (7:58:48 PM): brilliance
cmasterclay111 (7:58:49 PM): LMAO
D Flan is God (7:58:52 PM): bowl of rice
BigDisHipHop (7:58:55 PM): Only Ruilt Ror Ruban Rinks
BigDisHipHop (7:59:01 PM): lol nah
D Flan is God (7:59:08 PM): only built for gookz and chinx
BigDisHipHop (7:59:12 PM): damn
MaratGotRhymes (7:59:12 PM): ROFL
MaratGotRhymes (7:59:13 PM): OH GOD
BigDisHipHop (7:59:14 PM): evil shit
MCHeadcase (7:59:20 PM): lol damn, y'all are just wrong
D Flan is God (7:59:26 PM): chinaman
MaratGotRhymes (7:59:30 PM): Liquid Swords
D Flan is God (7:59:30 PM): instead of ironman
MaratGotRhymes (7:59:31 PM): nuff sid
D Flan is God (7:59:33 PM): LOL
BigDisHipHop (7:59:41 PM): Taste of Ducksauce
D Flan is God (7:59:43 PM): / /
D Flan is God (7:59:48 PM): long live the kang
BigDisHipHop (7:59:54 PM): / / / /
cmasterclay111 (7:59:55 PM): DAMN IT
BigDisHipHop (7:59:57 PM): BRILLIANT
PDTantisocial (7:59:57 PM): DIES
cmasterclay111 (8:00:01 PM): I was just typing it
BigDisHipHop (8:00:06 PM): Movies for the Squinty Eyed
D Flan is God (8:00:20 PM): instead of criminal minded
D Flan is God (8:00:23 PM): easily blinded
SeaTownIllin (8:00:26 PM): LMAO
PDTantisocial (8:00:29 PM): Long Live the Kung Pao
MaratGotRhymes (8:00:30 PM): LDGJLSDJBLKSBL:KKBHA
MaratGotRhymes (8:00:39 PM): Enter The Fist
PDTantisocial (8:00:49 PM): We Can Be Stopped
D Flan is God (8:00:53 PM): enta da dragon would be a good title
D Flan is God (8:00:55 PM): ROFL
D Flan is God (8:00:58 PM): WE CAN BE STOPPED
MaratGotRhymes (8:01:03 PM): Do or Di
D Flan is God (8:01:07 PM): rofl
BigDisHipHop (8:01:07 PM): DAMN!
MaratGotRhymes (8:01:19 PM): Aziatic, nuff said
PDTantisocial (8:01:34 PM): Servants in Sweat Shops, Kings in Hell
MaratGotRhymes (8:01:36 PM): rofl, just as with the homo names, the "nuff said" ones are the best
D Flan is God (8:01:40 PM): LOL
D Flan is God (8:01:41 PM): PDT
D Flan is God (8:01:43 PM): / /
BigDisHipHop (8:01:49 PM): Apocalypse 07 - The Samurai Strikes Back
MaratGotRhymes (8:01:51 PM): dave remeber
PDTantisocial (8:01:57 PM): Apocalypse Whenever
MaratGotRhymes (8:01:59 PM): "8 (men) iz enuff"
D Flan is God (8:02:01 PM): / /
MaratGotRhymes (8:02:02 PM): "Laid in Full"
D Flan is God (8:02:02 PM): yeah
D Flan is God (8:02:03 PM): rofl
BigDisHipHop (8:02:04 PM): The Main Ingredient (Dogs)
D Flan is God (8:02:08 PM): LMFAO
MCHeadcase (8:02:09 PM): LOL!
MaratGotRhymes (8:02:10 PM): OH SHIT
D Flan is God (8:02:11 PM): JESUS ALMIGHTY
cmasterclay111 (8:02:11 PM): Enter the 36 samuri
BigDisHipHop (8:02:12 PM): / /
BigDisHipHop (8:02:18 PM): Chankonia
cmasterclay111 (8:02:19 PM): samuari
D Flan is God (8:02:26 PM): mao's disciple
SeaTownIllin (8:02:37 PM): LMAOOOO
BigDisHipHop (8:02:43 PM): Tinycox / No Love Below
BigDisHipHop (8:02:47 PM): DEATH
BigDisHipHop (8:02:49 PM): / //////////////////////
D Flan is God (8:02:49 PM): LOL
MaratGotRhymes (8:02:52 PM): swytch should make a song about his new punch...
BigDisHipHop (8:02:53 PM): IM CRYIN!
D Flan is God (8:02:56 PM): yellow on both sides
MaratGotRhymes (8:02:57 PM): "GOOK PUNCH! GOOK PUNCH!"
D Flan is God (8:03:00 PM): ROFL
PDTantisocial (8:03:03 PM): Yellow Business
MCHeadcase (8:03:03 PM): Khan's Son
MaratGotRhymes (8:03:04 PM): kill yourself if you dont get that one
D Flan is God (8:03:12 PM): i certainly do
D Flan is God (8:03:19 PM): i'm the myspace revivalist of that man's career
MaratGotRhymes (8:03:24 PM): LOL
PDTantisocial (8:03:24 PM): Soundnapalming
BigDisHipHop (8:03:25 PM): Slopes on Both Sides
MaratGotRhymes (8:03:37 PM): AZNiens
D Flan is God (8:03:39 PM): LOL
BigDisHipHop (8:03:40 PM): / /
BigDisHipHop (8:03:45 PM): / / /
BigDisHipHop (8:03:49 PM): MARAT
BigDisHipHop (8:03:49 PM): vfh8
PDTantisocial (8:03:49 PM): Mr. Slantface is Back
BigDisHipHop (8:03:53 PM): IM IN TEARS
D Flan is God (8:03:56 PM): operation: gooksday
cmasterclay111 (8:03:57 PM): Reasonable Mao
MaratGotRhymes (8:03:58 PM): / / /
MaratGotRhymes (8:04:02 PM): OH SHIT
BigDisHipHop (8:04:03 PM): REASONABLE MAO!
D Flan is God (8:04:03 PM): REASONABLE MAO
BigDisHipHop (8:04:05 PM): / //
PDTantisocial (8:04:05 PM): Reasonable MAO ROFL
MaratGotRhymes (8:04:06 PM): CMASTER JUST KILLED IT
MaratGotRhymes (8:04:09 PM): dljhdasl;fjdlakkldlgk;dsg
BigDisHipHop (8:04:11 PM): CLAY IS GOD
BigDisHipHop (8:04:24 PM): The Misanimation of Alan-Mon
BigDisHipHop (8:04:32 PM): featuring Pikachu
D Flan is God (8:04:32 PM): lyte as a wok
BigDisHipHop (8:04:36 PM): / / / / / / / / /
BigDisHipHop (8:04:37 PM): / ///////
BigDisHipHop (8:04:41 PM): I JUST LOST MY LIFE
MCHeadcase (8:04:42 PM): The Gook-print
D Flan is God (8:04:45 PM): / /
D Flan is God (8:04:51 PM): or the chuprint
MCHeadcase (8:04:55 PM): Shit, mine are fuckin lame, lol
PDTantisocial (8:05:01 PM): 75 Years of Bad Luck
BigDisHipHop (8:05:04 PM): Wog By Design
cmasterclay111 (8:05:12 PM): slant eyes on me
D Flan is God (8:05:17 PM): HAHAHAHAHA
BigDisHipHop (8:05:22 PM): Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story
BigDisHipHop (8:05:23 PM): wait nm
PDTantisocial (8:05:24 PM): Heroes in the City of Slopes
D Flan is God (8:05:31 PM): goddamn
MaratGotRhymes (8:05:33 PM): The Yellow Album
D Flan is God (8:05:44 PM): the zhu
D Flan is God (8:05:47 PM): instead of the carter
D Flan is God (8:05:53 PM): it'll have a zoo on the cover too
MCHeadcase (8:05:55 PM): BRB
BigDisHipHop (8:06:03 PM): Marat
BigDisHipHop (8:06:04 PM): answer
D Flan is God (8:06:05 PM): a gook without a past
PDTantisocial (8:06:09 PM): ROFL
BigDisHipHop (8:06:14 PM): / //////////
SeaTownIllin (8:06:14 PM): im out
SeaTownIllin (8:06:18 PM): peace
BigDisHipHop (8:06:18 PM): Swytch
D Flan is God (8:06:19 PM): walking with a charlie
BigDisHipHop (8:06:20 PM): but really
D Flan is God (8:06:21 PM): peace
BigDisHipHop (8:06:21 PM): do my ideas
D Flan is God (8:06:26 PM): mao said knock you out
PDTantisocial (8:06:29 PM): VC IV Life
PDTantisocial (8:06:36 PM): Mao / / / / / / / / /
SeaTownIllin (8:06:37 PM): D, theyre all hella gimmicky
D Flan is God (8:06:39 PM): bigger and yellower
SeaTownIllin (8:06:43 PM): u jus wanna make more asian jokes with them
D Flan is God (8:06:48 PM): return of the gook slap
PDTantisocial (8:06:49 PM): Love Peace and Sappiness
D Flan is God (8:07:00 PM): with a pic of the dude from deer hunter slappin nick
D Flan is God (8:07:02 PM): on the cover
PDTantisocial (8:07:07 PM): DIES
SeaTownIllin (8:07:12 PM) has left the room.
D Flan is God (8:07:18 PM): lol this is great
PDTantisocial (8:07:21 PM): I think we offended him
cmasterclay111 (8:07:30 PM): Let's Get: Mao's motavation 49
MaratGotRhymes (8:07:31 PM): Wold...Rife
BigDisHipHop (8:07:32 PM): CHINKABILLY
D Flan is God (8:07:38 PM): ROFL
PDTantisocial (8:08:03 PM): Villagehood Watch
D Flan is God (8:08:05 PM): the college graduate
D Flan is God (8:08:11 PM): instead of the college dropout
PDTantisocial (8:08:12 PM): ROFL!!!!!
PDTantisocial (8:08:28 PM): Genocide & Gooks
D Flan is God (8:08:32 PM): lol
PDTantisocial (8:08:48 PM): One Billion For ALl
D Flan is God (8:08:50 PM): the sun rises in the east
MaratGotRhymes (8:08:50 PM):
cmasterclay111 (8:08:51 PM): Mao said knock you out
D Flan is God (8:08:52 PM): nuff said
MaratGotRhymes (8:08:52 PM): / /////////////
BigDisHipHop (8:08:53 PM): GO TO THAT SITE
BigDisHipHop (8:08:56 PM): RIGHT NOW
BigDisHipHop (8:08:57 PM): IM CRYING
BigDisHipHop (8:09:00 PM): IM IN TEARS
D Flan is God (8:09:01 PM): oh christ
MaratGotRhymes (8:09:01 PM): MAO SAID KNOCK YOU OUT
BigDisHipHop (8:09:03 PM): ASK MARAT
MCHeadcase (8:09:09 PM): Back
MaratGotRhymes (8:09:10 PM): Mr. Nguyen
MaratGotRhymes (8:09:13 PM): lol nah
D Flan is God (8:09:24 PM): lol
D Flan is God (8:09:27 PM): jesus
D Flan is God (8:09:45 PM): slant by design
cmasterclay111 (8:10:14 PM): lifestyles of hong kong's most famous
D Flan is God (8:10:17 PM): LOL
MCHeadcase (8:10:34 PM): Damn, how many offensive titles can y'all come up with?
BigDisHipHop (8:10:38 PM): J.J. Blacks A goofy black guy, like the guy from Good Times.
PDTantisocial (8:10:39 PM): Many more
D Flan is God (8:10:40 PM): born to work
D Flan is God (8:10:55 PM): instead of born to mack
PDTantisocial (8:10:57 PM): Return of the Slanted Man
D Flan is God (8:11:04 PM): / /
PDTantisocial (8:11:12 PM): Live and Let Work
D Flan is God (8:11:21 PM): / /
PDTantisocial (8:11:25 PM): The Most Beautifullest Thing in this Sweat Shop
MaratGotRhymes (8:11:34 PM): The Gook Meaning
PDTantisocial (8:11:35 PM): Straight out the Jungle
PDTantisocial (8:11:37 PM): Self explanatory
MaratGotRhymes (8:11:40 PM): nah
MaratGotRhymes (8:11:42 PM): The Chu Meaning
D Flan is God (8:11:44 PM): the ownerz (of ghetto stores)
PDTantisocial (8:11:48 PM): ROFL!
D Flan is God (8:11:48 PM): LOL
cmasterclay111 (8:11:54 PM): Bejing 0: The prequel
BigDisHipHop (8:11:56 PM): / /////////////////
PDTantisocial (8:12:01 PM): / / / / / / / /
D Flan is God (8:12:03 PM): moment of gook
D Flan is God (8:12:13 PM): no more mr. nice gai
PDTantisocial (8:12:20 PM): Livin' Gook
D Flan is God (8:12:24 PM): lol
PDTantisocial (8:12:31 PM): Making Cheap Clothes
D Flan is God (8:12:38 PM): easy to earn
PDTantisocial (8:12:42 PM): ROFL
D Flan is God (8:13:00 PM): raiden full
PDTantisocial (8:13:03 PM): Slave Labor as Usual
cmasterclay111 (8:13:04 PM): LMAO
D Flan is God (8:13:14 PM): forrow the reader
BigDisHipHop (8:13:33 PM): / / /
PDTantisocial (8:13:52 PM): The BDI Rug Maker
D Flan is God (8:13:54 PM): LOL
cmasterclay111 (8:14:01 PM): It takes a nation of billion to hold Khan back
D Flan is God (8:14:06 PM): i've never even heard the BDI thug
D Flan is God (8:14:09 PM): is that any good?
PDTantisocial (8:14:12 PM): It sucks
D Flan is God (8:14:13 PM): some said it sucked
D Flan is God (8:14:15 PM): LOL
D Flan is God (8:14:16 PM): aight
PDTantisocial (8:14:26 PM): By All Beans Necessary, that's a Mex one
D Flan is God (8:14:30 PM): ping is the name
PDTantisocial (8:14:35 PM): / / / /
D Flan is God (8:14:47 PM): diplomatic immunity
D Flan is God (8:14:49 PM): nuff said
cmasterclay111 (8:15:08 PM): thoughts of a communist felon
D Flan is God (8:15:12 PM): chinks, gooks, and trance
PDTantisocial (8:15:13 PM): ROFL
D Flan is God (8:15:14 PM): LOL
PDTantisocial (8:15:21 PM): Stunts Chunts and Egg Rolls
D Flan is God (8:15:29 PM): let's get lee
cmasterclay111 (8:15:36 PM): Twista- Kamikaze
cmasterclay111 (8:15:39 PM): nuff said
D Flan is God (8:15:41 PM): / /
cmasterclay111 (8:15:43 PM): j/k
D Flan is God (8:16:12 PM): 3 chinks high and rising (the battlefield)
D Flan is God (8:16:38 PM): no one can chu it better
D Flan is God (8:16:46 PM): yellow sunday
D Flan is God (8:17:01 PM): the war report
D Flan is God (8:17:03 PM): nuff said
PDTantisocial (8:17:09 PM): Potholes in my Country
D Flan is God (8:17:23 PM): nip the charlie
D Flan is God (8:17:28 PM): instead of rip the jacker
cmasterclay111 (8:17:38 PM): tokyo: roc ya familia
D Flan is God (8:17:43 PM): hahaha
PDTantisocial (8:17:44 PM): Whut? Thee Liftime
PDTantisocial (8:17:59 PM): Muddy Rivers
PDTantisocial (8:18:07 PM): Nguyen's Da Name 2000
D Flan is God (8:18:25 PM): swytch and chuck are yellow star
PDTantisocial (8:18:38 PM): Saigon 1968: Judgement Day
D Flan is God (8:18:40 PM): capital punishment
D Flan is God (8:18:41 PM): nuff said
PDTantisocial (8:18:45 PM): YELLOW STAR!!!!
D Flan is God (8:19:02 PM): licensed to kill
cmasterclay111 (8:19:04 PM): the miseducation of gengis khan
D Flan is God (8:19:08 PM): mao's boutique
PDTantisocial (8:19:11 PM): ROFL
D Flan is God (8:19:27 PM): between a wok and a hard place
PDTantisocial (8:19:32 PM): Yellow Arms Redemption
D Flan is God (8:19:38 PM): the flat end theory
PDTantisocial (8:19:42 PM): !!!!!!!!
D Flan is God (8:19:47 PM): power of the yen
D Flan is God (8:20:24 PM): easterngookalisticricerocketmuzik
cmasterclay111 (8:20:30 PM): Ya ming iron flag
cmasterclay111 (8:20:33 PM): yao
PDTantisocial (8:20:43 PM): Kung Pao Forever
D Flan is God (8:20:44 PM): yellow dialogue
D Flan is God (8:21:04 PM): saigon and the no-soul brother
D Flan is God (8:21:25 PM): yellow reign
PDTantisocial (8:21:30 PM): / / /
D Flan is God (8:21:46 PM): raising yellow
D Flan is God (8:21:55 PM): chun-DMC
PDTantisocial (8:21:59 PM): Apocalypse 68: The VC Strikes Back
D Flan is God (8:22:02 PM): / /
D Flan is God (8:22:06 PM): i was thinkin that too
MCHeadcase (8:22:13 PM): Are y'all done yet?
cmasterclay111 (8:22:16 PM): sound of taiwan
D Flan is God (8:22:16 PM): even though the original is "strikes black"
D Flan is God (8:22:25 PM): runaway laborer
PDTantisocial (8:22:35 PM): Malaria In Hour Sis-Stem
D Flan is God (8:22:37 PM): goodyellas
PDTantisocial (8:22:48 PM): Runaway Laborer / / / / / / / / /
D Flan is God (8:22:54 PM): the great adventures of ping ching
PDTantisocial (8:22:58 PM): ROFL
D Flan is God (8:23:24 PM): doggystyle (dinner)
D Flan is God (8:23:31 PM): yellowest in charge
cmasterclay111 (8:23:41 PM): like rice for water
PDTantisocial (8:23:45 PM): ROFL!
D Flan is God (8:23:47 PM): a chanksta and a yellowman
D Flan is God (8:24:23 PM): hong kong halflife
cmasterclay111 (8:24:40 PM): at the speed of bike
D Flan is God (8:24:41 PM): rice is...too soft
D Flan is God (8:24:44 PM): LOL
PDTantisocial (8:24:46 PM): Labcabindochina
D Flan is God (8:24:50 PM): / /
D Flan is God (8:24:54 PM): that's brilliance
PDTantisocial (8:25:11 PM): Bizarre Ride II Da Nang
D Flan is God (8:25:54 PM): critical napalm
cmasterclay111 (8:26:06 PM): paid in yen
D Flan is God (8:26:12 PM): new wok city
PDTantisocial (8:26:14 PM): ROFL
D Flan is God (8:26:20 PM): let the lack of rhythm hit 'em
PDTantisocial (8:26:33 PM): Village Music: The Blueprint of Wal-Mart
MCHeadcase (8:26:37 PM) has left the room.
D Flan is God (8:26:38 PM): / /
D Flan is God (8:26:42 PM): wow
D Flan is God (8:26:46 PM): that is godlike
cmasterclay111 (8:27:09 PM): It's white and ric is hot
D Flan is God (8:27:10 PM): the manteiv dream
cmasterclay111 (8:27:22 PM): rice
PDTantisocial (8:27:24 PM): OH MY GOd this could go on for days
D Flan is God (8:27:27 PM): / /
D Flan is God (8:27:34 PM): that's the beauty of it
D Flan is God (8:27:39 PM): no homo
PDTantisocial (8:28:01 PM): At the Speed of Instant Rice
cmasterclay111 (8:28:14 PM): wall of my wall, blood of my blood
D Flan is God (8:28:27 PM): lol
D Flan is God (8:28:53 PM): stay rich or die cryin (from your parents' beatings)
cmasterclay111 (8:29:12 PM): power of the yen
cmasterclay111 (8:29:32 PM): no
cmasterclay111 (8:29:34 PM): I got it
D Flan is God (8:29:40 PM): lol i said that earlier
D Flan is God (8:29:42 PM): power of the yen
PDTantisocial (8:29:43 PM): Refugee's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Communism
cmasterclay111 (8:29:45 PM): the floodgates advocate
D Flan is God (8:29:46 PM): lmfao
D Flan is God (8:29:56 PM): midnight marauders (in vietnam)
PDTantisocial (8:30:20 PM): Beats, Rhymes and Rice
cmasterclay111 (8:30:27 PM): Supreme Mao
PDTantisocial (8:30:30 PM): Beets, Rhines and Rice
PDTantisocial (8:31:06 PM): Road to the Dishes
D Flan is God (8:31:08 PM): LOL
cmasterclay111 (8:31:09 PM): what happened to d and marat
D Flan is God (8:31:19 PM): i was lookin for one for road to the riches
PDTantisocial (8:31:19 PM): They're jerkin' each other off over the phone
D Flan is God (8:31:21 PM): that's perfect
D Flan is God (8:31:35 PM): wanted: intact or blown up
PDTantisocial (8:31:40 PM): ROFL
PDTantisocial (8:32:13 PM): It's a Rick Shaw thing
cmasterclay111 (8:32:29 PM): Rice on both sides
PDTantisocial (8:32:30 PM): It's a Rig Shaw thing
D Flan is God (8:32:40 PM): lmfao
D Flan is God (8:32:42 PM): i gotta go
D Flan is God (8:32:48 PM): pa dukes needs the comp
D Flan is God (8:32:50 PM): peace
cmasterclay111 (8:32:51 PM): alright
cmasterclay111 (8:32:55 PM): peace
D Flan is God (8:33:04 PM) has left the room.
PDTantisocial (8:33:10 PM): This chat needs to be immortalized in stone
cmasterclay111 (8:33:19 PM): save it to word